Game: Mariposa, ¿Dónde Estás? {Freebie}

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Spring has finally arrived, what a great opportunity to review colors! 
During class I counted paper flowers with the children, went over the colors, and introduced the word "mariposa" (butterfly). I displayed the flowers in the room and hid the butterfly  under one of the flowers while the children covered their eyes. I then asked a child in the class to take two turns trying to find the butterfly, while the rest were chanting, "Mariposa, mari, mariposa, mariposa ¿dónde estás?" The child looking for the butterfly had to say "¿Aquí está la mariposa?" and the class responded "Si, allí está la mariposa" or  "No, allí no está la mariposa". I always model these kinds of sentences before and during any game.

You can find more animals for the children to find under the flowers.
You can write numbers on the flowers and have the children ask "¿Está debajo del 10?" or "¿Está debajo del 2?"

Happy Spring!

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