Spanish poem, ebook, memory game, and coloring pages for la primavera

Saturday, March 31, 2012
This is new at my Teachers Pay Teachers storeIn this title you will find an adaptation of the traditional South American poem called "Qué llueva". You will find a book that goes along with the adaptation, coloring pages for the poem, and a fun memory game! 
Visit store HERE!

Have fun teaching!

Fun For Spanish Teachers

Huevogram Fun in Spanish

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Yes, it that time of the year when the Easter huevos (eggs) filled with candy are all over the place in the United States. I always love to use them in my classes to review colors in Spanish or hide small objects in them to have my students guess what's inside.

This year I decided to challenge my third grade students by scrambling words they had to first organize to then be able to find what was inside the eggs. If you are ready to try this in your classes you will need plastic Easter eggs, Velcro, and tape. I have added a link to different vocabulary you can print, cut, laminate using clear tape, and stick to the egg using Velcro, place an object or small picture inside the egg and scramble the word. Only let the children open the egg after they have the word put together.

Click HERE to download free files for this activity!

You can also divide the word by syllables and have the children create silly words by twisting the halves of the egg to line up the first half and last half of the word (see photo). They can even draw the silly creation later. For example, how about a "vato", the result of mixing vaca and gato? Children eat this up, and it adds a nice dimension of fun to the classroom!

Fun For Spanish Teachers

Giveway: Song, E-book, Memory Game and Flash cards

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I will be giving away 10 of my digital super zip-files from my Teacher Pay Teachers store. It includes my song "La Finca del Tío Ramón" (Uncle Ramon's Farm), an story that goes along with the song, a memory game and set of flash cards. All you need to teach your unit about farm animals in Spanish!

Here is how to enter: 
1. First, you must follow me on my Teacher Pay Teachers store - HERE!  
2. Then, enter your e-mail by filling out the form below.
Giveaway ends on March 8, 2012 at 10:00 pm Eastern time
Only one entry per person. No anonymous entrees are permitted. The winner will be chosen randomly. We will announce the winner on March 9th, 2012. Entries received after 10:00 pm Eastern time on March 8th are not valid. We will give the winner 48 hours to claim their prize. WORLD WIDE! 



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