¡Hola! My name is Carolina G√≥mez and I am the person behind Fun for Spanish Teachers. I have been teaching for over 18 years in Colombia, Guatemala and the United States. 

I hold a B.A in Modern Language from La Universidad del Valle in Colombia and a Masters in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University. I am also the founder of of 1-2-3 Spanish Together™, an early language program designed to teach young children Spanish through music and movement.  
 I currently teach Spanish at the elementary level in  private school in the Boston. As a teacher, I had difficulty finding music to teach Spanish as a foreign language to children, and, as a result, I have created many of the songs in the curriculum.

Fun for Spanish Teachers is the result of my passion for teaching Spanish to children. It's the perfect stop if you are looking for songs, games and fun for your classes!

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