Yoga in Spanish Class

Friday, May 12, 2017

Yoga is an awesome brain break and energizer tool. I use a few Yoga poses in my classes to get my students moving and they love it. My students learn about 10 names of Yoga poses in Spanish and we use them throughout the school year. I use them as a quick way to make them move. We play "Simón dice" with them. We also play "Haz lo que digo", for example. I say the name of a pose, but I show a different one, then whoever does the one I am doing is out of the game. They love it!   We do it fast too! I like to use cards with the picture of the pose and the picture of what it means. 

I lately tried something new! I combined Yoga with storytelling and the students love it. Here is the sample of the story I create to go along with the Yoga cards. 


  1. I love it Carolina! I tried in the past yoga poses and children loved it butI 'I've never try to add storytelling. I think it's amazing....with these lovely resources I am definitely try it with my little ones. Muchas gracias ;-)

  2. Carmen, how awesome! Let me know how it goes. Thank you for reading my blog! ~Carolina

  3. This is so cute, thank you for sharing! Are your yoga cards available to download/purchase?

  4. I love the yoga idea! Thank you!


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