Exit Tickets in Spanish Class {Teaching Strategies}

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
The "Exit Ticket" is a technique used by many teachers in different subjects. It's usually utilized at the end of the class before the students leave your classroom. It is used as a way to check for understanding, to clarify concepts in preparation for the following class, or as a way to assess students. Students may respond to questions about the class, list what they remember, ask the teacher questions, and so on.

I have used this technique in my classes, but have usually just done it orally. I typically line up my students and ask simple questions related to the topic we've focused on in class. For example, I might show a flash card and ask a student to name the picture on the card or ask a question about it. The only way a student may leave the classroom is by responding to my question. Taking it a step further beyond oral delivery, using the "Exit Ticket" on a paper allows students to practice their writing skills and can in some cases be a faster and more efficient way to end the activity.

I have included a template of the "Exit Ticket" I plan to use. You can customize according to your needs.

*Tiquete is used in Colombia and other Spanish speaking countries. See RAE for reference. 

Download your free template HERE!



  1. Carito, Me encanta el diseño de ese ticket! Estoy usando 'entrance tickets' cuando entran los alumnos de cuarto grado a mi salón como actividad de practicar vocabulario así como se usa los exit tickets. Sale muy bien ésta tipa de actividad! ~Julie

  2. Genial, voy a usarlos como ticket para acumular puntos y a final de curso obtener beneficios. Gracias

  3. Debe ser boleto o billete; tíquete es Spanglish. ¿no?

    1. ¡Gracias por escribir! En un anglicismo que es usado en muchos lugares en América Latina. La Real Academia Española lo ha aceptado: http://dle.rae.es/?id=Zpn6VMN
      Es muy usado en Colombia.


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