Favorite Music for Spanish Class

I remember ten years ago it was so difficult to find good music to teach Spanish to children, especially at the elementary level. I am so glad that talented teachers have created new music to enrich our classes. Here is a list of my favorite singers in random order:
1. RockAlingua

2. Marta Gómez

3. Music With Sara

4. Nathalia

5. 1, 2, 3 Con Andrés

6. Basho and Friends

7. Mariana Iranzi

8. WhistleFritz - Jorge Anaya

9. Miguel Picker

10. Jorge Medina

11. Sonrisas 

12. Joel Valle- Calico Spanish

13. 1-2-3 Spanish Together 

14. This space is reserved for Shakira and Pitt Bull when they write their first song collection for teaching Spanish to kids!

Happy singing!

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