20 Free Apps for Spanish Class

While searching for apps to use in my classes I found tons of free ones. There is definitively a wide variety of apps for different levels. Some of the free apps might be a sample of a complete app, but it's worth the try. I do recommend that you download the app and play with it before using it in class. 
Here are some of the free apps I found:

Princesses Learn Languages -Spanish

Learn Spanish for Kids - Bilingual Child by Tiny Factory

Spanish Baby Flash Cards

Kids Learn Spanish with Busu

Learn Numbers and Letters in Spanish

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds

The Little Read Hen by Ana Lomba

Kids Spanish Lite

Fun Spanish Language Learning Games

Flash Cards Spanish 

Cartoons for Kids in Spanish

Spanish Kids Vocab - Step 1

Paper Hangman - Some categories in Spanish

Spanish Numbers with Miguel

Read Along Spanish

Pollitos Pío Pío

Patty Shukla Música Para Niños

Fashion Dress Lite

My Funny Farm Animals - Spanish

Disclaimer: Make sure to download the app and explore it before using it in your classes to make sure the content is child-friendly.