Fun Activities Using a Snowman

Monday, December 9, 2013
Winter has finally arrived here in Boston. It's time to start building snowmen, but even if snow never gets to the where you are, you can create opportunities to teach about seasons and weather in different parts of the world.

Here are some ideas:

1. Create your own snowman with felt fabric. Use it to teach or review colors, shapes, parts of the body, clothes and sizes.

This is how my snowman looks now:

2. Pin the Nose on the Snowman: I sing the fist part of "El Hombre de Nieve" song while one of the students puts the nose on the snowman.

3. Teach "El Hombre de Nieve" song with this video:

4. Snowman is also known as "Muñeco de Nieve"in Spanish. Here is another song.

5. Use this worksheet for your students to read the colors and color the different pieces according to what they read.

I have included two versions, one for readers and one for non-readers. I also included two versions: "El Hombre de Nieve" and "El Muñeco de Nieve."

Download the coloring pages here!

Stay warm!


  1. Hi Carolina,

    I just tried this lesson plan almost verbatim with my Kindergarten Spanish class today. I have them for 30-40 minutes twice a week and it can be difficult coming up with both an effective and engaging academic lesson for a group so young. I struggle with this age group the most, which is why I came to your blog. I have to say that this lesson was flawless. My students absolutely LOVED every minute of this lesson! We learned the word for snowman (which students will see again in 1st-5th grade), and while they normally struggle with new vocabulary, the song and the repetition from "pin the nose on the snowman" had them saying this word in no time! I had a student say to me as she was leaving, "I just love Spanish class!" for which I think I can thank you directly. Thank you so much for allowing us to peek into your curriculum and adapt your ideas to our own foreign language classrooms! I adore your blog and check it daily for new ideas!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing with me. You made my day! ¡Gracias!

  2. Very cute idea! Will definitely try this with my level 1 students next year!


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