Snacks That Teach Spanish {Review and Giveaway}

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Have you ever thought of a snack that brings some excitement to your Spanish class? I just found a great one! Dick and Jane Educational Snacks are the perfect snack to share with your students. They are not only educational, but made of wholesome ingredients and are nut free, which means they're safe to have in your classroom if you have any students with allergies to nuts.

I also have to say that the cookies are deliciosas. I ate a whole box while writing this review! This product will add a lot of fun to your classes and students get good brain food while learning new vocabulary in Spanish. Each cookie has a clear and simple picture with bilingual writing to accompany it, which helps everyone understand the vocabulary.

Each box contains some of the most common vocabulary words explored in Spanish classes. Cookies are produced in categories such us family members, greetings, weather and seasons, animals, fruits, numbers from 1 to 10, and more! So far you can find 50 words and 10 numbers, and Dick and Jane aim to expand the range of vocabulary to 360 words. The  more the merrier for us, the Spanish teachers :)

How to eat these yummy cookies while learning?

These yummy cookies can be used to introduce, review, or reinforce vocabulary in your classes.


To play this game you will need to download the free call-out cards here for you to announce one vocabulary word at a time. Once you have the cards ready, distribute two or three cookies to each child in the class. They can eat a cookie only when you call that item from your call-out card. A student can win once she devours all her cookies. To make it harder, you can also tell students that they have to wait to eat until you call the names of all the vocabulary on their cookies. They can say "lotería", and then enjoy the cookies in one yummy moment of indulgence!
Download cards HERE


Post different sentences on the board. Distribute the cookies among the children and invite them to complete the sentences according to the vocabulary represented on their cookies. Again, they can only eat them after they complete the sentence.

Guess the word!

Cover a cookie with a napkin and have your students guess the word. You may use the call-out cards from the Lotería for this game. Students can earn a chance to eat a cookie when they guess the word.

Spell the words

What a great opportunity to review the alphabet in Spanish. Ask your students to spell each word in the cookie before eating it.

If you would like to learn more about Dick & Jane Educational Snacks, visit their website. Stay up to date with them and tuned in for more fun on their Facebook page.

The Giveway!
If you would like to have 10 boxes of these fun, yummy, and educational snacks (yes, 10 boxes!), here is an opportunity for you to win them and bring more learning to your class. Just enter below to participate. The winner will be announced on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013. United States only.

¡Buena suerte!


  1. I teach K-5! My students would love eating their learning!

  2. These cookies look fun and useful! I think the kids will love them!

  3. These are such a creative way to bring Spanish into every day life!!
    I would love to share these with my 200+ students!

  4. I teach 1-8, I know the kids would love this!

  5. What a great idea, I would love to use them in my classes

  6. I teach Pre-K through 8th grade Spanish! Hope I win since there is not a store near me that sells them. My classes will love these!!

  7. Hi all! This is Anne (Dick's sister) from Dick & Jane Baking Company. You can buy our Spanish/English educational snacks at
    I also wanted to let you know that our educational snacks are already available in grocery stores around the USA. Click the "Store Locator" button on our home page and you can see the locations by state. You can also click our "Help Dick and Jane" button to tell us where you live and shop so that we can strive to get our products into your area. Thanks for being a friend of Dick and Jane! Anne

  8. So fun! Eating cookies and learning Spanish! A wonderful combination! I teach middle and high school Spanish.

  9. I teach after school classes and my students need to eat a snack during class time. I'd love to offer these! Thanks to Fun For Spanish Teachers for letting us know about this great resource! Your blog is always very inspiring- keeps me excited about my job and eager to keep learning & keep improving.

  10. Not only am I a dual language 1st grade teacher but I have a student with a severe peanut allergy and this is one of the only snacks he is allowed to eat!! It would be GREAT to have these, not only for practicing Spanish, but also to share these snacks in the classroom!!!

  11. I teach k-4. This is a neat idea!

  12. I teach K-5. My students might be more motivated with these amazing snacks. You seriously do always offer the best information. I don't how you do it.
    Thank you.

  13. I teach pre-k-5. My students love to eat, and these cookies would be a fun way to review vocabulary!

  14. I teach pre-k thru 5. My students would love to review vocabulary this way!


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