The Glasses Game

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Are we supposed to return those 3-D glasses after we watch a movie? I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that your students will have so much fun with them! I have a couple of pairs that I've kept and use with my students to play a simple and silly game they all love.

I've created small flash cards that I stick to the glasses using velcro. I ask for a volunteer to wear the glasses and guess the name of the flash card that I've placed on top. There are different cards related to the units we're exploring. This game never gets old!

Once the volunteer is wearing the glasses, the class asks the questions in unison. The student with the glasses gets three turns to guess. Depending on their level, I might ask them to make sentences using each specific word.
I also use this game as an opportunity to explain the differences between ¿qué es? and ¿qué son? vs ¿quién es? and ¿quienes son? My students are very young, so I choose not to have discussions specifically about grammar in my classes, but they understand it through songs and games like this one. Naturally :)

There is a freebie here for you! Just click HERE to download the cards. 



  1. Que buena idea :)
    Me encanta tu blog, siempre lo estoy checando para aprender nuevas estrategias .. Gracias por compartir tus actividades!!

  2. ¡Me encanta! If your students have iPads or Android tablets, there are several free charades apps that allow users to create their own card stack in any language. Charades pop card creator for iOS, ultimate charades for android. Enjoy! Janet Robles

  3. Me gusta la idea porque todos participan...., pero aun estoy confundida con las reglas del juego....
    Me podrias explicar mejor, por ejemplo, el tipo de preguntas que usarian los estudiantes para que el voluntario adivine 50.


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