La caja mágica

Friday, September 9, 2011
Magic boxes are always fun to have, and they are an amazing teaching tool and classroom ritual (college professors of education might even classify them as excellent to use as an "anticipatory set.") My students, from the youngest to the oldest grades, enjoy guessing and imagining what could be inside the box. Magic boxes are great for describing objects and brainstorming with the children using a wide range of vocabulary.

This year I decided to create a new magic box which I will customize little by little using some objects that I have collected in different countries, lending a bit of cultural spice. I used fabric with sparkles to let the magic flow, and added the questions marks in Spanish to make it more appropriate for class.  

What do I include in the box?
I include flash cards related to what we are learning in class, stuffed animals and other kind of props I can find in it. Sometimes I just include one thing and give them clues for them to guess what could be inside the box.

I always sing this song when I use the magic box:

¡En la caja mágica encontrarás
Una sorpresa que te encantará! (3 times)
Click here to sample/buy song on CD Baby

After singing the song, we count to three and start making guesses. Here is a picture that shows how my caja mágica looks:
Have fun teaching!


  1. Esto es una idea muy divertida. :)

  2. What are some of the items you place in your caja magica?

  3. iGracias por las sugerencias!
    I have a caja, pero no es magica. Yo les explico a los estudiantes del kinder que los contenidos no son juguetes, que son articulos y que es un gran privilegio poder observarlos de cerquitas. Les emociona poder ser el primero de detener la tortillera, el sarape, el sombrero, el pandero, ect... etc.. Esa cancionsita se la ajustare a mi boca y cantaremos cada vez que mi titere ardilla trae la caja. <3

  4. Great idea! After you count to 3, do the students take turns guessing, do they all say what they think is inside or do they tell their elbow buddy what they think is in there?

  5. Hola! Yo enseño a niñitos de 12 meses hasta 3er grado con La Caja Mägica. Comienzo la clase cantando la canción, los niños bailan y repiten Magia! Magia! les encanta.
    La lección del día está en la caja. Toda la anticipación es genial, no pueden esperar hasta abrir la "Caja Mágica".
    Ya saben que siempre viene llena de tesoros! :)


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