Why Teach Spanish with Puppets?

I like to use puppets a lot in class to greet the children, sing songs, introduce/ review topics, etc.
To introduce/review a theme I use a "caja mágica" (mystery box) and have the puppet chat with me about what could be inside the caja mágica. We make animal sounds if I am trying to introduce an animal.

For example:
Me: ¿Qué hay dentro de la caja mágica?
Puppet: Una vaca (making the mooing sound)
Me: I open the box a little bit and then I say, "no, no es una vaca" . Este animal es muy pequeño.
Puppet: Pequeño, pequeño
And then we keep giving cues until someone in the class shouts the right answer.

*Puppets are fun
*Children may feel more comfortable talking with a puppet in a foreign language, than to the teacher.
*Using puppets invites children to be more open to use the target language.
*Teaching with puppets helps transport teachers and students out of their routine.

Tips for using puppets in class

Hold a puppet looking at the children, even if the puppet is talking to you.

When using two puppets who are having a conversation, angle their faces so they are looking at the children.

When your puppet is speaking with the children, make sure to look at your puppet friend.

When your puppet speaks, make sure to make it move its mouth with rhythm with the syllables.
Do not open its mouth too wide.  Click here to find more tips!

I also have found great tips on YouTube:

Have fun!