GIVEAWAY: Two Colombian puppets to spice up your lessons!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I am always looking for puppets to use in my Spanish classes. Children love them, and they make everyone more engaged in the class.

During my recent trip to Colombia, I found these two lovely hand-made Colombian puppets that I fell in love with because they are very easy to handle and also because one of them has the Colombian flag, which makes it even more authentic.

THE GIVEWAY!!!! -United States only!
Many of us are getting ready for that first week of school, looking for ideas and ice breakers for that first class.

Here is how to enter:

1. First, make sure you are our friend on Facebook.

2. Simply share with us any short and simple activity you plan to use in your first Spanish class. Feel free to enter in Spanish or English. You can post your activity here or on our Facebook page.

Giveaway ends on September 5th at 10:00 pm Eastern Time

Only one entry per person. No anonymous entries are permitted. The winner will be chosen randomly. We will announce the winner on September 6th. Entries submitted after 10:00 pm Eastern Time on September 5th are not valid. We will give the winner 48 hours to claim their prize.


  1. In the first week I'll have my kids spell the names of 2-3 of their classmates in Spanish.

  2. I am a fan of your facebook page! I teach music at three different schools and would use the puppets to introduce some of the songs in Spanish. It would be a blast!

  3. Im homeschooling my kids, but I plan on introducing the vowel sounds to them these first week getting ready for them to read in Spanish! Thanks!

  4. In my kindergarten class we're learning our classroom rules as they are associated with body parts (ojos grandes, orejas grandes, boca chiquitita, and manos quietas). TO reinforce them, we are also learning a traditional children's song from Spain called "Estas son mis manos"!

  5. I teach ages 6-17 this year! And all ages love puppets. I use them every class for the elementary ages to model dialogues and conversations.
    A big hit with my High School Spanish II's was the Getting to Know You Grid. For all ages, you can create a grid of Spanish conversational questions, and they need to be fun and relevant to the age group: favorite pro football teams, ipods, movies, food, etc. Each student is to ask another a question. Younger students can simply mark an X when done, or older students can write the Spanish answer. It gets everyone up and speaking Spanish. The younger the students, the less words you use, or just use pictures. :)

  6. During the first week of Spanish, i review 3 basic feelings, happy, excited and tired. I have found that students remember these words if they acted them out, say them out loud and use them. I show three visuals with the words, contenta/o, emocionada/o and cansada/o. I ask for volunteers to come up and ask them how they are feeling, they will all usually say happy or excited. Then i have them do 10 jumping jacks then increase to 20 and somtimes 30. The class helps out by counting in Spanish. Towards the end, the students jumping will say CANSADO OR CANSADA. Also, this activity helps them in discriminating cansado vs casado and the importance of pronounciation of all letters.

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